Private Coaching

Welcome. I’m glad that you’ve chosen to visit this page. A common question I get from people when they find out that I am a life coach is “is coaching like therapy?" No, it is not. I am a coach, not a psychotherapist, counselor or physician. I am not trained in diagnosing psychological or medical conditions. I do hold several life coach certifications but that alone is not what makes me valuable. I am a husband of 24 years, a father of five kids, a successful business owner and I have served in ministry for over 25 years. I understand people and I understand that true happiness comes from having healthy relationships. I understand that a great life is something you create, not something that accidentally happens.

I Can Help You:

  • Build Confidence
  • Overcome Anxiety
  • Stop Self Sabotage
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Parent With Confidence
  • Resolve Conflict In Marriage
  • Get More Opportunity In Your Career/Business
  • Discover Your Purpose

How I Became A Coach

Nearly ten years ago I sabotaged a job that I held for over 17 years because I was overwhelmed with stress and I lacked the skills to know how to handle it. I use the word sabotage because I abruptly stormed out of a staff meeting after an inappropriate exchange with my boss. For the next two years, I huffed and puffed about how my boss had it out for me, and I blamed everyone but myself. Eventually, I became anxious, depressed and physically ill. I was anything but happy and had no idea how or where to find happiness. Being a person of faith, I prayed harder and immersed myself in more ritual hoping it would change things. It didn't, and in some ways, it made it worse because I started to wonder if God too, was out to get me. My marriage was suffering. My family was suffering. My career was floundering, and I was beginning to feel hopeless. I tried counseling; it didn't work. I tried psychiatric medication; it didn't work. I was in despair, and I wondered if I would ever be happy again.

Needing to provide for my family, I poured myself into a web development business that I started with a friend of mine. By necessity, I had to learn how to operate a business. I started reading business books, and after a while, it quickly became clear to me that my victim mindset was severely limiting my potential. One day while listening to a podcast, the host talked about how much he benefited from hiring a life coach. I did some googling and hired a coach. The experience was transformational! My coach helped me see what I couldn't see for myself, and I not only broke free from my victim mindset, I developed a whole new mindset. A mindset that would help me experience more success than I had ever dreamed possible. My business grew, my marriage improved, my spiritual life improved and I started writing and recording music again; I discovered a whole new zeal and joy for life.

As I began to share my experience with others, I quickly realized how many people deal with a lot of the same things I did. Not that they were sabotaging their careers but so many people expressed to me an underlying sense of discontentment and they wanted me to advise them how to resolve it. I was happy to recommend books and share what I could, but that isn't what they wanted; they wanted me to coach them. The problem was, I wasn't comfortable doing so because I did not have any formal training. I wanted to give more, to help more and serve more. To do so, I would need to study the art and technique of coaching. I decided to get some formal training and today I have several life coach certifications. I love the coaching process not only because of what it has done for me but because I have seen it change the lives of my clients. I just wish I had discovered it sooner!

I call my coaching program The Art of True Happiness. Happiness does not happen to a few lucky people. It's not circumstantial, and it does not magically appear for those who pray enough prayers. It is a learned skill and those who are willing to do the hard work to learn The Art of True Happiness will reap the rewards.

If you are ready to get started please fill out the information below. After I receive your information I’ll email you and we can set up a time to talk. After our initial phone conversation, we will both know if it's a good fit. If it is, we will discuss options including price. There is no charge for our initial conversation. Coaching can take place in person, skype, facetime or by phone.