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About Chris Muglia

Chris Muglia is a singer/songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona who writes faith-based music about the trials and joys of everyday life. His music is published with OCP/Spirit & Song and includes songs such as "Our God is Here", "Do This in Memory of Me", and "Let it Be Done". Although a Baptized Catholic, he did not practice his faith as a child. It wasn't until college that Chris discovered his faith, and became a fully initiated Catholic. Chris spent ten years (2002 - 2012) traveling the United States with Sound Mission Ministries, a ministry devoted to renewing the family. Chris stepped down from the ministry in 2012 to spend more time with his wife of 20 years and their 5 children. After two years of what he describes as "healing, learning and growth", he has returned to music ministry with a renewed focus and passion.

"I hope that I can appeal to the lost sheep of this world, the broken and lost, addicts and sinners (like me). If my music opens one heart to God, or gets me into a conversation with someone who is wondering if there is something out there that's bigger than themselves, then I've done my job."


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